Vegetable Price in Chennai

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Vegetable Price in Chennai

Name Local Name Quantity Price
Bangalore Tomato Bangalore Thakkali 1 Kg Rs. 15.00
Beans Beans 1 Kg Rs. 45.00
Beetroot Beetroot 1 Kg Rs. 15.00
Bitter gourd Pavakkai 1 Kg Rs. 18.00
Bottle Gourd Suraikai 1 Kg Rs. 5.00
Brinjal Kathirikkai 1 Kg Rs. 10.00
Broad Beans Avarakkai 1 Kg Rs. 35.00
Cabbage Muttaikose 1 Kg Rs. 7.00
Capsicum Kudamilagai 1 Kg Rs. 15.00
Carrot Carrot 1 Kg Rs. 20.00
Cauliflower Cauliflower 1 Kg Rs. 15.00
Chayote Chow Chow 1 Kg Rs. 35.00
Colocasia Seppankilangu 1 Kg Rs. 35.00
Coriander Leaves Kothamalli 1 Bunch Rs. 20.00
Cucumber Vellarikka 1 Kg Rs. 30.00
Drumstick Murungakkai 1 Kg Rs. 24.00
Ginger Inji 1 Kg Rs. 60.00
Green Chili Pachai Milagai 1 Kg Rs. 14.00
Green Plantain Valakkai 1 Piece Rs. 4.50
Kohlrabi Nookal 1 Kg Rs. 25.00
Ladies Finger Vendakkai 1 Kg Rs. 15.00
Mint Pudina 1 Bunch Rs. 10.00
Onion Vengayam 1 Kg Rs. 13.00
Onion (Small) Chinna Vengayam 1 Kg Rs. 30.00
Plantain Flower Vazhaipoo 1 Piece Rs. 20.00
Plantain Stem Vazhaithandu 1 Piece Rs. 10.00
Potato Urulaikilangu 1 Kg Rs. 21.00
Pumpkin Poosanikai 1 Kg Rs. 5.00
Radish Mullangi 1 Kg Rs. 10.00
Ridge Gourd Peerkangai 1 Kg Rs. 30.00
Scarlet Gourd Kovakkai 1 Kg Rs. 25.00
Snake Gourd Pudalangai 1 Kg Rs. 10.00
Sweet Potato Sakkaravalli Kizhangu 1 Kg Rs. 30.00
Tapioca Maravalli Kizhangu 1 Kg Rs. 40.00
Tomato Thakkali 1 Kg Rs. 10.00
Yam Karunai Kilangu 1 Kg Rs. 50.00

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