Tomorrow's Gold Rate in Madurai

Tomorrow's Gold Rate in Madurai

Quantity 22Ct Gold 24Ct Gold
1 Gram Rs. 2,872.00 Rs. 3,072.00
1 Sovereign Rs. 22,976.00 Rs. 24,576.00
10 Grams Rs. 28,720.00 Rs. 30,720.00
1 Ounce Rs. 89,329.19 Rs. 95,549.88

Exchange Rates

Code Updated On Rate
1 USD 11-Apr-2017 Rs. 64.4830
1 SAR 11-Apr-2017 Rs. 17.7141
1 EUR 11-Apr-2017 Rs. 68.4244
1 GBP 11-Apr-2017 Rs. 80.1213
1 USD 11-Nov-2016 Rs. 67.7161
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Tomorrow's Prices in Madurai

Silver Rate

Check for tomorrow's Silver rate in Madurai per gram and kilogram.

Platinum Rate

Check for tomorrow's Platinum rate in Madurai per gram and sovereign.

Highest/Lowest Gold Prices

Lowest Last 30 Days

Purity Date Price
24Ct Gold / 1g 28-Aug-2017 Rs. 2942.00
22Ct Gold / 1g 27-Aug-2017 Rs. 2774.00

Highest Last 30 Days

Purity Date Price
24Ct Gold / 1g 08-Sep-2017 Rs. 3102.00
22Ct Gold / 1g 08-Sep-2017 Rs. 2902.00

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International Gold Prices

Metal USD SGD INR GBP EUR Updated On
Gold 1,282.35 / 1oz 1,785.29 / 1oz 85,764.08 / 1oz 1,024.98 / 1oz 1,025.50 / 1oz September 26, 2017