Chennai Silver Rate

Chennai Silver Rate


Date Silver / 1g Bar Silver / 1kg
Rs. 42.80 Rs. 40,040.00
Rs. 42.70 Rs. 39,950.00
Rs. 42.90 Rs. 40,060.00
Rs. 42.60 Rs. 39,780.00
Rs. 42.00 Rs. 39,265.00
Rs. 42.60 Rs. 39,780.00
Rs. 42.60 Rs. 39,780.00
Rs. 43.10 Rs. 40,285.00
Rs. 43.30 Rs. 40,440.00
Rs. 43.40 Rs. 40,520.00
Rs. 43.40 Rs. 40,520.00

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Highest/Lowest Silver Prices

Lowest Last 30 Days

Purity Date Price
Silver / 1g 01-Nov-2017 Rs. 41.70
Bar Silver / 1kg 01-Nov-2017 Rs. 38995.00

Highest Last 30 Days

Purity Date Price
Silver / 1g 19-Nov-2017 Rs. 43.40
Bar Silver / 1kg 19-Nov-2017 Rs. 40520.00

Silver News Chennai

Silver backdrop for Cuttack's Durga Puja

The 14 feet high Hara-Parvati idol will be adorned by the silver backdrop which was started nine months earlier. The backdrop work is in the completion stages as artisans are working on it tirelessly to complete the wor...

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Hindustan Zinc aim to double its silver output

Demand for silver from the industries is recovering which is paving way for the India's larget silver producer Hindustan Zinc Ltd to aim for doubling its production in 5 years. Expectation of the new demand is from the ...

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International Silver Prices

Metal USD SGD INR GBP EUR Updated On
Silver 18.26 / 1oz 25.42 / 1oz 1,221.24 / 1oz 14.60 / 1oz 14.60 / 1oz November 24, 2017