2015 retail platinum jewellery sales up by 24% - PGI

The third annual barometer report which was released on thursday by the Platinum Guild International (PGI). According to the third annual barometer report, there was a growth of about 24 percent in retail platinum jewellery sales across retail stores in India.

The introduction of platinum bridal jewellery collection and increase in consumers has made platinum jewellery to travel along the path of growth. Ever since since launch of platinum jewellery on the Platinum Day of Love, platinum jewellery has been attracting consumers of all age groups.

The response to the newly launched bridal collection called Evara has won many hearts, helping retail platinum jewellery stores to increase the total amount of sales than usual.

Platinum jewellers has been keenly involved in creating strategies for ensuring the platinum jewellery sales to reach great heights.

This article was posted on 2014-04-07.

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