Gold Rate in Chennai

Gold Rate in Chennai

Metal 1 Gram 8 Grams
22Ct Gold Rs. 2,737.00 Rs. 21,896.00
24Ct Gold Rs. 2,863.00 Rs. 22,904.00
Platinum Rs. 2,741.00 Rs. 21,928.00
Silver Rs. 44.40 Rs. 355.20

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Highest/Lowest Prices in Tamil Nadu

Highest Last 30 Days

Metal Date Price
22Ct Gold / 1g 09-Nov-2016 Rs. 3060.00
24Ct Gold / 1g 09-Nov-2016 Rs. 3166.00
Platinum / 1g 08-Nov-2016 Rs. 2858.00
Silver / 1g 10-Nov-2016 Rs. 48.30

Lowest Last 30 Days

Metal Date Price
22Ct Gold / 1g 06-Dec-2016 Rs. 2713.00
24Ct Gold / 1g 08-Dec-2016 Rs. 2863.00
Platinum / 1g 02-Dec-2016 Rs. 2658.00
Silver / 1g 25-Nov-2016 Rs. 43.00

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