Namakkal Gold Rate

Namakkal Gold Rate


Date 22Ct Gold / 1g 24Ct Gold / 1g
Rs. 2,737.00 Rs. 2,927.00
Rs. 2,737.00 Rs. 2,927.00
Rs. 2,737.00 Rs. 2,927.00
Rs. 2,728.00 Rs. 2,918.00
Rs. 2,727.00 Rs. 2,917.00
Rs. 2,734.00 Rs. 2,924.00
Rs. 2,739.00 Rs. 2,929.00
Rs. 2,714.00 Rs. 2,903.00
Rs. 2,717.00 Rs. 2,906.00
Rs. 2,719.00 Rs. 2,908.00
Rs. 2,719.00 Rs. 2,908.00

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Highest/Lowest Gold Prices

Lowest Last 30 Days

Purity Date Price
24Ct Gold / 1g 13-Dec-2017 Rs. 2903.00
22Ct Gold / 1g 13-Dec-2017 Rs. 2714.00

Highest Last 30 Days

Purity Date Price
24Ct Gold / 1g 19-Nov-2017 Rs. 3031.00
22Ct Gold / 1g 19-Nov-2017 Rs. 2836.00

Gold News Namakkal

Gold price to increase by Diwali

Due to the increasing gold prices in spot market, there is a strong belief among the bullion traders and the analysts that the gold price per ten gram may cross a high of Rs. 32,000 by Diwali. US Economic data suggests t...

700 kg gold coins target - MMTC Ltd

MMTC Ltd has chosen the upcoming festive season to sell a huge 700 kg coins. People have shown interest in buying these gold coins since the gold prices have been appreciating to an extend of 25 percent since the new yea...

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International Gold Prices

Metal USD SGD INR GBP EUR Updated On
Gold 1,282.35 / 1oz 1,785.29 / 1oz 85,764.08 / 1oz 1,024.98 / 1oz 1,025.50 / 1oz December 17, 2017