Gold Toilet for public - Guggenheim Museum

New York City's Guggenheim Museum has opened up a 18 carat gold lavatory which is fully functional for public use. This gold toilet was a master piece created by the Italian artist and sculptor Maurizio Cattelan which was titled 'America'. Kohler toilet has been used as a model for the making up of this valuable gold toilet.

The public who visit the museum after paying the museum admission fee will be able to use the toilet when the need arises. This extravagant luxury product has been installed in the restroom on the ramp of the museum in the fifth floor. The visitors are showing more interest in viewing and using of the Golden Toilet.

According to the sources, there was a delay in the arrival of the this master piece due to the difficulty in setting up this luxury product in the Guggenheim Museum. Private Donors had helped for the project by providing the necessary money. The total cost of this luxury toilet has yet to be made public.

This article was posted on 15-Sep-2016.

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