22 Carat Jewellery

The natural beauty and radiance of gold jewellery has made it to be considered as a treasure throughout the past. Yellow gold was the most popular colour for many years in the past. Availability of diverse palette of gold colours drawn the interest of people of all ages to spend more amount of money for latest fashion gold jewellery. The gold jewellery sets which are available in the leading gold jewellery showrooms relaxes the minds of customers who find it difficult to explore the wide jewellery designs to find a matching counterpart in a short period of time. Gold jewellery offers are constantly offered by various jewellery showrooms from time to time to attract customers.

The craze for the latest gold jewellery designs is making the gold lovers to visit every leading jewellery stores often to explore the arrival of the new 22 carat jewellery. Search for latest bridal 22 carat jewellery designs is increasing ever since the launch of bridal jewellery collections by the leading stores. The 22 carat gold bridal jewellery rate is found to be reasonable and well within the reach of every common citizen. This reasonable cheap bridal gold jewellery rate has started attracting many parents of the lower middle class to purchase latest designs at a reasonable price for marriage.

The 22 carat jewellery is driving more potential revenue when the gold rate of 22 carat gold increases with increase in demand. This type of demand is more commonly seen during the auspicious days. The most important auspicious days to buy gold are Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras, Dussehra, Ugadi, Pushyami, Navratri etc. The 22 carat gold jewellery is far better than other carat since it offers a rich look for the gold jewellery we buy, however the cost is considerably lower for the 18 carat gold jewellery and 14 carat gold jewellery. The 22 carat jewellery is available in different colours in which the most popular ones are the rose gold and white gold.

The advantage of the 22 carat gold jewellery over the 24 carat pure gold jewellery is its high rigidity and ability to withstand without losing its shape when put under stress such daily household activities. Due to the above said disadvantage, 24 carat gold jewel is not usually made.

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