24 Carat Jewellery

24 carat gold also known as pure gold or 100 percent pure gold is available in gold markets. Since there is no traces of other metals, 24 carat gold is considered to be 100 percent pure gold. 24 carat gold jewellery is difficult to make from 24 carat pure gold since the pure 24 gold is soft and pliable. Hence the 24 karat pure gold cannot be used for making jewellery like other lower carats of gold. The 24 carat gold coins and 24 carat gold bars are available which can be purchased. The colour of 24 carat pure gold is much brighter in yellow when compared with other carats of gold. However there is no carat higher than 24 carat gold which can be sold in gold jewellery market since 24 carat gold is already in its purest form.

Though the 24 carat pure gold is available mostly in the form of gold coins and gold bars, it has many other uses which has been significant such as its usage in electronics and medicine. However these use of gold contribute only a meagre amount. Most of the 24 carat gold is used to make jewellery of other carats such as the 22 carat gold jewellery, 18 carat gold jewellery, 14 carat gold jewellery etc by mixing alloys of proportionate quantity. People should have a good knowledge of these caratages to know the fact that there is no existence of 25 carat gold jewellery or 26 carat gold jewellery. Nothing is more pure than the 24 carat gold which is available in the form of 24 carat gold biscuits, 24 carat gold bars and 24 carat gold coins and not as a 24 carat gold jewels.

Imagine a gold jewel made of 24 carat which is soft and pliable being worn by your mom. She would notice that her expensive gold jewel is losing its shape so easily while doing her daily household activities. These jewels require regular manipulation to bring back its original shape. Inorder to correct the shape, you will need to visit the jewellers repeatedly. Adding to the burden will be the extra cost which will be levied by the jewellers for correcting inspite of buying the jewel after paying a huge some of money. Inorder to overcome all these hardships, 24 carat gold is not used in the jewellery industry for making of the ornaments. They are only considered as a investment purpose. So be aware when some one says its an 24 carat pure gold jewel.

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