Flower Price in Chennai

Today's Flower Price in Chennai

Flower Name Flower Price Quantity
Anthurium Rs. 20.00 Kilogram
Carnation Rs. 16.00 Kilogram
Jasmine Rs. 300.00 Kilogram
Marigold Rs. 40.00 Kilogram
Orchid Rs. 14.00 Kilogram
Rose Rs. 80.00 Kilogram

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Flower News Chennai

Please avoid flowers for goddess pleads temple trust

Chemical conservation process of the idol was done earlier ehich made it mandatory for the temple trust to reduce the level of humidity inside the temple premises. One of the main reasons for elevation of humidity level ...

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1083 tons of flower-waste collected during Ganesh festival

Ganesh festival has produced a huge 1083 metric tons of flower-waste in the city. Ganesh idols were immersed in the waterbodies around the city. It has been estimated that 2 lakh idols of lord Ganesh were immersed in the...

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