No helmet no petrol

Inorder to bring down the increasing death rates due to road accidents by the two wheelers in the state of West Bengal, the government has started the 'no helmet no petrol' movement in the petrol pumps within the state. Government was forced to frame this movement inorder to improve the safety of the public and to bring down the death rates.

The government of all states have been emphasising on wearing of the helmets to be mandatory for riders of two wheelers. It has also been made mandatory for the person sitting at the back also to wear helmet. Inspite of these strict rules prevailing, the public are negligent to these simple rules and finally end up losing their life.

West Bengal has gone a step further and has asked the owners and workers of the petrol bunk to deny petrol at the petrol pumps when the riders dont wear a safety helmet. This movement has been encouraged by the state governments of Hyderabad, Odisha, Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir along with Madya Pradesh.

As for as statistical figures are concerned, two wheelers road crash deaths constitutes about 25 percent of the road crash deaths. Apart from this, statistics says that 46% of the two wheelers without helmet die in the crash whereas it is only 12% who die inspite of wearing the helmets.

This article was posted on 2016-07-10.

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