Automated fuel pumps to combat fraud

Vigilance Awareness Week has brought about great changes in fighting adulteration and in the prevention of fraudulent activities. Transparency is mandatory for increasing the trust of the customers and thereby increasing the revene. BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) announced the automation of the petrol pumps across the country.

Chief Vigilance office of AAVIN after the Vigilance Awareness Week said that AAVIN adultery scam gang was caught due to strict vigilance activities. He also added these measures to combat fraud and ensuring transparency is a good move in moving a step forward towards the adulteration and fraudulent free India.

Intially 888 retail outlets out of 4408 would be automated and other pumps would be automated as soon as possible. Answering to the LPG related issues, Santhosh Kumar (BPCL Head Retail - South) said online platform is being created to bring about transparency and efficiency for the supply of LPG cyclinders to households.

This article was posted on 2014-10-27.

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