Chennai Auto Gas Rate

Chennai Auto Gas Rate

Quantity Auto Gas Rate Updated On
1/2 Litre Rs. 19.71 16-04-2017
1 Litre Rs. 39.42 16-04-2017
1 Gallon Rs. 149.20 16-04-2017
1 Barrel Rs. 6,267.78 16-04-2017

Exchange Rates

Code Updated On Rate
1 EUR 11-Apr-2017 Rs. 68.4244
1 GBP 11-Apr-2017 Rs. 80.1213
1 USD 11-Nov-2016 Rs. 67.7161
1 SAR 11-Nov-2016 Rs. 18.0556
1 EUR 11-Nov-2016 Rs. 73.3507
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Petrol Rate

Check for Petrol rate in Chennai on 16-04-2017 per litre.

Auto Gas Chart

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Highest/Lowest Auto Gas Rates

Lowest Last 90 Days

Quantity Date Price
1 Litre 01-Sep-2017 Rs. 35.19
1 Gallon 01-Sep-2017 Rs. 133.19

Highest Last 90 Days

Quantity Date Price
1 Litre 16-Nov-2017 Rs. 43.20
1 Gallon 16-Nov-2017 Rs. 163.51

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