Billion miles with Autogas - UPS

United Parcel Service, a global company with one of the most recognised and admired brands in the world reached a goal of driving 1,000,000,000 miles with the help of Autogas which was used as a alternate fuel. Autogas has made commercial transportation and logistics to grow in a rapid pace.

This multi-billion-dollar corporation had shown great commitment right from the beginning of the year 2012 on this alternate fuel. There was a goal set back in 2012 to reach billion miles by 2017. The company had reached the target a year earlier. UPS had shifted 12% of the ground fleet to use Autogas rather than other fuels.

Electric and hybrid electric which are other alternatives to minimise the use of other regular fuels. UPS has been constantly experimenting with alternate fuels, evaluating global technoloiges such that they find a great alternate to work effectively in places where it is economically feasible.

This article was posted on 2016-09-28.

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