Gold Rate in Chennai
25-Feb-2018 PM

Weight 22Ct Gold Rate Change 24Ct Gold Rate Change
Gold rate per Gram Rs. 2,921.00 Rs. +0.00 Rs. 3,124.50 Rs. +0.00
Gold rate per Sovereign Rs. 23,368.00 Rs. +0.00 Rs. 24,996.00 Rs. +0.00
Gold rate per Tola Rs. 34,069.97 Rs. +0.00 Rs. 36,443.55 Rs. +0.00
Gold rate per Ounce Rs. 90,853.26 Rs. +0.00 Rs. 97,182.81 Rs. +0.00
Gold rate per Kilogram Rs. 2,921,000.00 Rs. +0.00 Rs. 3,124,500.00 Rs. +0.00

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Silver Rate in Chennai

Qty Silver Bar Silver
1g INR 41.50 INR 38.82
8g INR 332.00 INR 310.52
10g INR 415.00 INR 388.15
1oz INR 1,290.79 INR 1,207.28
1kg INR 41,500.00 INR 38,815.00

Platinum Rate in Chennai

Quantity Platinum Rate
1 Gram INR 2,714.00
1 Sovereign INR 21,712.00
1 Tola INR 31,655.56
1 Ounce INR 84,414.84
1 Kilo INR 2,714,000.00

Currency Exchange Rates

Euro to Rupee

Latest retail market rate of 1 EUR to INR in Chennai is 68.4244, while today's currency exchange rate of 1 Rupee to Euro is 0.0146 in Chennai.

Pound to Rupee

Latest retail market rate of 1 GBP to INR in Chennai is 80.1213, while today's currency exchange rate of 1 Rupee to British Pound is 0.0125 in Chennai.

Dollar to Rupee

Latest retail market rate of 1 USD to INR in Chennai is 67.7161, while today's currency exchange rate of 1 Rupee to US Dollar is 0.0148 in Chennai.

Riyal to Rupee

Latest retail market rate of 1 SAR to INR in Chennai is 18.0556, while today's currency exchange rate of 1 Rupee to Saudi Arabian Riyal is 0.0554 in Chennai.

Highest/Lowest Prices

Highest Last 30 Days

Metal Date Price
22Kt Gold / 1g 18-Feb-2018 Rs. 2,949.00
24Kt Gold / 1g 18-Feb-2018 Rs. 3,153.00
Silver / 1g 26-Jan-2018 Rs. 43.10
Bar Silver / 1kg 26-Jan-2018 Rs. 40,285.00
Platinum / 1g 26-Jan-2018 Rs. 2,724.00

Lowest Last 30 Days

Metal Date Price
22K Gold / 1g 08-Feb-2018 Rs. 2,858.00
24Kt Gold / 1g 12-Feb-2018 Rs. 3,034.00
Silver / 1g 10-Feb-2018 Rs. 40.60
Bar Silver / 1kg 10-Feb-2018 Rs. 37,965.00
Platinum / 1g 16-Feb-2018 Rs. 2,641.00

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BIS Hallmark

List of BIS Hallmark Numbers

Caratage Fineness BIS Mark
9 Carat Gold 375 Gold 375
14 Carat Gold 585 Gold 585
18 Carat Gold 750 Gold 750
21 Carat Gold 875 Gold 875
22 Carat Gold 916 Gold 916
23 Carat Gold 958 Gold 958
24 Carat Gold 999 Gold 999

Tips for buying Gold

Before buying gold jewellery in a retail jewellery showroom, check for the BIS hallmark. BIS stands for "Bureau of Indian Standards". A hallmark, consists of five components listed below:

1. Check for the "BIS" Mark on the jewellery.
2. The Fineness number (corresponding to given caratage eg: 916).
3. Assaying and hallmarking centre's mark.
4. Jeweller's identification mark.
5. Year of marking denoted by a code letter and decided by BIS (eg: Code letter 'A' was approved by BIS for the year 2000).

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Live Chennai Gold Rate Today

Today, 25-Feb-2018, PM, the 22 carat gold rate in Chennai retail market is Rs. 2,921.00 per gram and the latest 24 carat gold price in Chennai today is Rs. 3,124.50 per 1 gram. Today's 916 hallmark gold rate per sovereign is INR 23,368.00 according to Chennai gold trading market, while 999 gold today is being sold at INR 24,996.00 per pavan in Chennai area. An ounce of pure gold today in Chennai is being sold at 97,182.81 indian rupees, while the standard 22Ct price of gold per troy ounce in Chennai retail jewellery shops is 90,853.26 indian rupees.

One kilo pure gold bar price in Chennai today is 3,124,500.00 rupees and the 22 karat gold bars per kilogram is being sold at 2,921,000.00 rupees in Chennai bazaar. Current live price trend of 10 grams 22Kt gold coins in Chennai is Rs. 29,210.00, while small gold coin rate in Chennai (1g 24Kt) is Rs. 3,124.50. 1 tola pure gold biscuit price in Chennai today is Rs. 36,443.55 and 1 kg 916 hallmarked gold biscuits costs around Rs. 2,921,000.00 in Chennai.

Today Silver Price in Chennai

Current silver rate in Chennai per gram is Rs. 41.50 and the wholesale market price of bar silver in Chennai is Rs. 38,815.00 per kilogram. Silver bars per kilo costs around Rs. 41,500.00 now in Chennai. The latest market price of silver in Chennai per ounce is INR 1,290.79. Silver coin rate in Chennai today is 415.00 indian rupees per 10 grams.

Current Platinum Price in Chennai

Todays platinum rate in Chennai per gram is Rs. 2,714.00 and price of platinum per ounce in Chennai is Rs. 84,414.84. Platinum bars today in Chennai is being sold at INR 2,714,000.00 per kilo. A sovereign of platinum in Chennai costs around 21,712.00 indian rupees today while 1 tola of platinum in Chennai retail market today is 31,655.56 indian rupees.

Things you must know

Gold is available in the following colors: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Green Gold. In india gold is sold in the following caratage: 24Ct Gold, 23Ct Gold, 22Ct Gold, 21Ct Gold, 20Ct Gold, 18Ct Gold, 16Ct Gold, 14Ct Gold, 12Ct Gold, 10Ct Gold, 9Ct Gold, and 8Ct Gold. Buy only BIS hallmarked jewellery from a registered jewellery store. KDM is not a hallmark. Gold can be purchased as Gold Coins, Gold Bars, and Gold Biscuits.

We provide daily gold rate in Chennai twice a day. We provide 999 gold rate in Chennai, 916 gold rate in Chennai, 750 gold rate in Chennai, 585 gold rate in Chennai, and 375 gold rate in Chennai. We also provide daily silver rate in Chennai, platinum rate in Chennai, diamond rate in Chennai, petrol price in Chennai, diesel price in Chennai, vegetable price in Chennai, and more.

Today's International Prices

Latest bullion Rates on 25-02-2018

Currency Gold / 1g Silver / 1kg Platinum / 1g
USD 41.23 587.07 32.25
SGD 57.40 817.32 44.87
INR 2,757.38 39,263.65 2,156.71
GBP 32.95 469.25 25.76
EUR 32.97 469.48 25.79


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